One-Step Rapid Tests for Human Being
Diagnostic Machines
Reader for Colloidal Gold rapid tests
Scope of Application:
Interprete the results of the Colloidal Gold rapid tests with cassettes and strips formats .
Easy to operate and open to any cassette format ,also can give results within 3 seconds.

Urine Strips Analyzer
Scope of Application:
Test speed :
720 items per hour
Test mode: singly , continuously
Printer : The built-in thermal printer with low noise 、long life and high speed. The outer can be connected with needle type printer.
Recording paper: Thermal printing paper (width 57 mm, the paper roll diameter <50mm)
Display: 5.6 inch colorful LCD touching screen, displaying in Chinese and English.
Data Storage: Automatically memorizes 1000 items of test results in a long period of time for retrieval;
Test paper: 10 items、11 items、12 items、13 items ,and the maximum is 14 items.
Survey Principle: The diffuse reflection system of cold light illumination irradiating from an angle of 45°;
Communication port: Standard RS 232 interface( can be connected with internet、the code scanner and the needle printer)

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